Our mission is to share healthy food, love and hope with those in need.



Like many aspects of life, our food today is far from the way our Father intended. God created food for us to eat and enjoy, full of the very nutrients our bodies are designed to need. Sadly, in our broken world, the foods that nourish us most are expensive and inconvenient compared to the cheap ease of canned, processed foods or the drive-through. The consequences are obvious as malnutrition and sickness run rampant. Kids struggle to develop to their potential without the essential nutrients that their bodies need. Worse, those with little resources find it more difficult to access healthy, nourishing food. We see food increasingly linked to pain and suffering in this modern world. In this darkness, we feel called to shine the light of the Lord, sharing His provision, love and hope with all in need.

Who we are

We are a group of Christians who desire to glorify God and share the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ in all that we do. This desire defines us and remains the focus of our programs as we address the brokenness that extends to our food, where we see issues of poverty, hunger and sickness combine to create pain and feelings of separation from the love of God. 

It is not our aim to impose rules, restrictions or barriers. Rather, we desire to break down barriers to joy by sharing the Lord's provision, some simple wisdom about the food our families eat, and more than anything, the Gospel message.

We desire to bring healthy food and share God’s love and hope and the blessing of good health with those in need.




Our primary program is our free farmers' market. At these events, we bring an abundance of high-quality fresh produce and other healthy food items and set up a market atmosphere. Local low-income families, including motel families and elderly guests, are welcomed to "shop" for the items they prefer. Our prayer team engages our guests and offers prayer, love, the Gospel, or just a listening ear. A highlight of the event is our Children's Ministry, where kids can participate in Biblically-themed arts and crafts while their parents go through the market. When we see the kids, it's easy to remember why healthy, home-cooked meals with fresh, nutritious ingredients are so important.


  • Hundreds of families receive provisions each event

  • Many of these households contain 5+ people under one roof

  • Between 10,000-20,000 lbs. of high-quality, fresh food distributed at each event

  • We source organic, non-GMO produce when possible

  • Dozens of children participate in fun games and Biblically-themed crafts

  • All items given freely and abundantly in the name of the Lord


  • The food we distribute is purchased at discounted rates using donations.

  • We work with food banks, produce distributors and other sources to stretch each dollar as far as possible.

  • When possible, we receive free food, as long as it is fresh, clean, and attractive.

  • We continuously work to keep our overhead as small as possible.

  • We treat all donations with gratitude and care, striving to honor the generous intentions of our donors.

Please donate to join us in this mission. If you have any other questions, please email us.


Board of Directors

Saifon Plewtong - Founder - Statement

David Huie - Co-Founder - Statement
Jordan Foster - Statement

Beverly Trupp

Cathy Frandsen - Statement

Steven Goglanian