Saifon Plewtong

Growing up, I lived on a small island with lush vegetation. Fruits and vegetables of all shapes and colors were abundant; food was literally hanging everywhere. I never needed money or even touched it until I was teenager. Everything I needed was on that island and I could eat as much as I wanted whenever I wanted it. I noticed the miraculous design in nature. I watched as seeds from trees fell to the ground, sprouted from the soil and grew into beautiful trees and vines. I watched flowers turn into fruit and saw that each fruit had a special protective shell to keep it from being damaged by bugs and weather. I couldn’t help but notice that even the seasons were part of this amazing design, working together to produce the fruits and vegetables that I grew to love so much.

Back then, I didn't know the designer, the God that made us and all that we see and enjoy. Later in life, He definitely got my attention and I am eternally grateful to know Him through Jesus. When I look back on my childhood now, I can see Him through the beautiful and perfect design that I used to take for granted. At the same time, I no longer live in a place where fruits and vegetables hang abundantly. Rather, food here is usually from a can, a drive-through or a freezer. The food seems to have so little connection to nature and the design I witnessed growing up. Most of all, I see the harm this phony food has done to our health and our bodies. As a result, my focus has turned to what is likely the most important part of God’s design in fruits and vegetables: the nutritious and beneficial effects it has on our bodies. I believe God uses fruits and vegetables to heal, strengthen and nurture us. So much of creation, the birds and the bees and many other animals, all work together to help make things grow to sustain this healthy, miraculous food supply for our bodies. How amazing!

I believe healing is available to everyone, rich or poor, through prayer, as well as healthy eating. God will provide but we need to do our part by feeding our bodies fruits and vegetables and other healthy food. Unfortunately, since healthy food isn’t hanging from the trees, it can be very expensive and many are unable to enjoy the food their bodies need. God has used my unique childhood and experiences to build in me a passionate desire to help ALL people enjoy the special, miraculous food their bodies were designed to enjoy. The Free Pantry is the result of that passion and this calling from God. I’m so thankful to be used by God in this mission. As long as God calls us and provides for us to give freely and abundantly, we will serve. We will do this through His grace, love and mercy and all I can say is thank you, God, for allowing me to serve and be a part of this vision!

founder: the healing chef,, true seasons organic kitchen

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